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At Menon/Brown, we understand that you are not free to relax and enjoy your success if you lack confidence in your financial future or the people you count on to help you sustain it. We have a true appreciation for what is at stake, and we do not take our task lightly. For this reason, helping you invest wisely and with confidence is more than just our business – it is our purpose.

We do our best work with individuals who are looking for sophisticated investment solutions. Our best clients tend to be busy professionals who have accumulated enough wealth that they require various investment strategies to accomplish their objectives. We seek to leverage your time while providing just that – a wide range of sophisticated solutions and an Advisor with the experience and expertise to guide you along the way.

We feel our clients have experienced unparalleled confidence in their financial future because they have a financial partner in Menon/Brown that provides them with the best strategies, including top alternative investment solutions. For more than 25 years we have focused on providing our clients with the expertise to apply these sophisticated solutions to their individual situations. Our goal is to help each of our clients develop disciplined investment strategies. Through this process, we combine both a passive investment approach as well as a more active approach, enabling a more consistent investment performance result.

We believe that your success is our success. Simply put, we are more than your investment professionals; we are your advocates, educators, counselors and financial partners.

You’ve worked hard for your wealth – our goal is to make your wealth work hard for you…